Tillu Square Trailer: Tillu Square Trailer Release Date by The Film Team

Tillu Square Trailer: Tillu Square trailer release date by the film team
Screenshort Source: YouTube/Aditya Music India

Do you Know Tillu Square trailer release date?

Tillu Square trailer release date has been announced by the film team, Star boy and young hero Sidhu Jonnalagadda’s upcoming movie Tillu Square of the Tollywood blockbuster DJ Tillu which released in 2022 has huge expectations. Recently the movie team gave an update on the next trailer of Tillu Square is getting ready. The trailer of this movie will be released on February 14 on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. Malik Ram has directed ‘Tillu Square’. This film is to be made as a youth centric film of comedy and romance. Music score for this film is by Ram Miriyala and Achu Rajamani. Tillu Square is produced by the Sitara Entertainments and Fortune Four Cinemas banners, and Fortune Four Cinemas. This film has been delayed multiple times, but it will be released on March 29, 2024. Nearly a month and a half before that, the trailer will come out on February 14, on the occasion of Valentine’s Day.

Here You can watch the last updates of Tillu Square

Tillu Square – Siddu Birthday Glimpse

Video Credit: YouTube/Sithara Entertainments

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Video Credit: YouTube/Aditya Music India

The Ticket Eh Konakunda Lyrical Song

Video Credit: YouTube/Aditya Music India

The Title Reveal

Video Credit: YouTube/Aditya Music India

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