17th Lok Sabha: PM Modi addresses the last sitting of 17th Lok Sabha has been a game-changer

PM Modi addresses the last sitting of 17th Lok Sabha has been a game-changer

Modi announced that the dream of a terror-free India would be a reality soon and minimal government intervention would be required in people’s daily lives. The Prime Minister also expressed his hope for 100% productivity in the upcoming 18th Lok Sabha.

Modi highlighted the accomplishments of the 17th Lok Sabha, stating that it has fulfilled long-awaited goals and made great progress in the country.

He also referred to the abrogation of Article 370 which he believes has revealed the true essence of the Constitution. The Prime Minister promised to work continuously for social justice in Jammu and Kashmir and make India a safe haven from terrorism. He acknowledged the sacrifices made by many in the fight against terrorism and praised the strict laws passed by the House, which have strengthened this battle.

Modi praised the House for reducing the burden of compliance and emphasized the need for minimal government intervention in people’s daily lives. He expressed confidence that the government should intervene only when necessary and that the Jan Vishwas Bill had gutted many laws to empower the people. The Prime Minister also mentioned the unity shown by the House during the COVID-19 pandemic, which gave confidence to the people.

India’s PM Modi addresses the last sitting of 17th Lok Sabha

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He praised Speaker Om Birla for taking the lead in making Parliament paperless and bringing in new technology. Modi expressed hope that the 17th Lok Sabha had 97% productivity and would achieve more than 100% in the next session. He stated that India’s journey of democracy is never-ending and its aim is to serve humanity. The Prime Minister expressed his confidence in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections and stated that they are an important part of democracy.

He opined that the resolution passed in Parliament regarding the Ram Mandir will give the future generations the constitutional power to take pride in their heritage. Modi thanked the Speaker of the Lok Sabha for the construction of the new building and for playing a role in making significant changes in the Constitution and Parliament on the occasion of 75 years of Independence. He also praised India’s G20 presidency and the country’s achievements on the global stage.

Several members of the House also shared their experiences, with Congress MP Adhir Ranjan Chaudhary thanking the Speaker for conducting the proceedings of the House with care and respect. BJD’s Pinaki Mishra thanked the government for providing facilities to the MPs and Union Minister Anupriya Patel appreciated the Speaker’s efforts for the smooth running of the House. Girish Chandra of BSP congratulated the Speaker for giving equal time to all the members to speak.

Overall, PM Modi believes that the 17th Lok Sabha has been a game-changer and laid a solid foundation for modern India.

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